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What is the Civil Air Patrol?

The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) was created in December 1941 as an allvolunteer organization. CAP was assigned to the War Department during World War II when thousands of CAP members performed critical wartime missions. Following the war, CAP was designated the official auxiliary of the United States Air Force to serve as a volunteer force multiplier to active duty commands. The Greenville squadron was chartered June 4, 1957.

Today, CAP’s primary missions are:  

Aerospace Education
CAP provides training in aerospace topics to its members. Members are encouraged to share information with their local communities. Educators can join CAP and receive aerospace education classroom materials.

Cadet Programs
Students aged 12 through 20 years old can join CAP’s cadet program. Cadets complete activities focused on aerospace education, leadership training, physical fitness, moral leadership, survival training, photography, and astronomy. Cadets who successfully complete the CAP program may enter the Air Force with the grade of Airman First Class (instead of Airman Basic).

Emergency Services
CAP members complete many missions to save lives. CAP flies more than 85% of all federal inland search and rescue missions. CAP members provide air and ground support for disaster relief and humanitarian services. CAP also performs missions in direct support of the United States Air Force.

Did You Know?
GMU is home to the CAP Greenville Composite Squadron!

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