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Runway Park at GMU
 Please read and abide by the rules posted at Runway Park. It has been reported that several people have been spotted with their pets in the park, which unfortunately we can't allow. Only clearly identifiable service dogs are allowed as covered by the American Disabilities Act. The rules are in place to help make Runway Park as clean, safe and enjoyable, as best we can, for the most people possible. 

We need your help! It has been reported by people who rented the picnic hangar that others are
having parties and using the picnic hangar during their paid for reserved time period. Picnic hangar rental funds are used to make the park better, like the new restrooms that were added. No one will pay to reserve it, if in fact, it isn't for their use only. Please be respectful and check the glass case for reservation information and if it isn't rented then you can use it. You can also reserve it for your party. See details here:…
The people reserving the picnic hangar should not have to ask people to leave.

When you visit Runway Park, PLEASE PARK IN THE UNPAVED LOT ON THE RIGHT side of the park. Want the park's parking lot paved? So do we! Please consider donating to the park project! 

Help? Please donate today so we can construct a parking lot to serve Runway Park, the Swamp Rabbit Trail Spur that is under construction and the developing MHCC Military History Museum.  We thought we had enough money raised but the bids to construct it are coming in much higher than expected. We have a company that would like to add an aviation themed mini-golf course to GMU's Community Corridor. The company can't do it without a parking lot! Want an aviation themed mini-golf course?  Donate today! Donations are tax deductible. Checks made payable to the Greenville Airport Commission can be mailed or dropped off to the GAC office at: 100 Tower Drive, Unit 2, Greenville, SC 29607.Questions? Please email

to use a credit card or Paypal account to help.
 You can enter any donation amount.

Runway Park at GMU is located at 21 Airport Road Extension, Greenville, SC 29607  

Runway Park at GMU is free to use and open to the public. Runway Park is approximately 1.38 acres, has an educational amphitheater, exercise "Perimeter Taxiway" and walking "Runways", as well as aviation themed playground equipment, a swing set, airplane wings bench shade structure, a Bi-plane "Climber", a picnic hangar, benches, restrooms, water fountains and a Cessna 310 static display.  A redecorated 15-foot cross section of a Boeing 737 fuselage and community supported park pavers have been installed along with a new gate and park sign to become part of the new main handicapped accessible park entrance.

The park project was conceived to fill a need since over 10,000 school children a year used to visit our area’s local commercial airport, GSP before 9/11.  They can no longer do that due to security changes.  GMU receives many inquiries from large groups that would like to come out to the airport for a tour, but we were not always able to accommodate many of them since our facility would not accommodate 80-100 children.  This is the number that we are told that the school system needs to justify bus usage for a field trip. 

Our region is attracting many aviation companies and they are having a hard time finding skilled workers.  We believe that exposure to aviation may inspire some kids to enter engineering, air traffic control, aircraft maintenance, or to become a pilot or CNC Machinist.  All of these are high paying jobs that are or will be needed to be filled locally.

Wolf Aviation Fund, The Daniel Mickel Foundation, Greenville Federal Credit Union, John I. Smith Charities, The Graham Foundation, The City of Greenville, Greenville County, Greenville Jet Center, Greenville Airport Commission, McKinney Dodge, Hollingsworth Funds,  Region's Bank, Arizona's Children's Charities, Inc., H. M. Pearl Kyle Foundation and many other people and organizations have donated to the park project.  We sincerely appreciate all the support we have received to get us this far.


Seventeen educational aviation signs have been installed!  They cover items like:  air traffic control, how aircraft achieve flight, parts of an aircraft, careers in the aviation industry, general aviation aircraft uses, gauges on aircraft instrument panels, how weather affects flight, etc...  The South Carolina Aeronautics Commission, South Carolina Aviation Association, Michelin and Lockheed Martin gave generous donations to help us with this part of the park project!  See all the signs by clicking the tab to each of them on this park webpage.

We are now applying for grants, planning more fundraisers and seeking financial assistance to level and pave the park's parking lot.  Please consider donating today!

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