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Runway Park at GMU

Located at: 21 Airport Road Extension, Greenville, SC 29607


You assume all potential risks associated with the COVID-19 virus transmissions 

Please read and abide by the rules posted at Runway Park and on this site. Pets are not allowed. Clearly identifiable service dogs are allowed as covered by the American Disabilities Act. The rules are in place to help make Runway Park as clean, safe and enjoyable, as best we can, for the most people possible. All money raised or donated goes back into the maintenance of the park. 

  • Free to use and open to the public.
  • Runway Park is approximately 1.38 acres 
  • Educational amphitheater for our thespians or a public concert 
  • Exercise "Perimeter Taxiway" and walking "Runways" around the park 
  • Aviation themed playground equipment 
  • A redecorated 15-foot cross section of a Boeing 737 fuselage at the entryway 
  • Community supported park pavers make up the handicapped accessible park entrance
  • Runway Park strives to be accessible to all.  
  • Designated Handicap Parking 
  • Asphalt loop trail within the park
  • QR code link to audio version of all educational signs
  • Handicap accessible restrooms and water fountain in the park
  • Handicap accessible cafe next to park 

Inspiring children 
We hope that this park inspires children to get into aviation. Pilots, engineering, air traffic control, aircraft maintenance, or CNC Machinist jobs are all found in aviation. 

In the park, seventeen educational aviation signs cover items like:  air traffic control, how aircraft achieve flight, parts of an aircraft, careers in the aviation industry, general aviation aircraft uses, gauges on aircraft instrument panels, how weather affects flight, etc...  The South Carolina Aeronautics Commission, South Carolina Aviation Association, Michelin and Lockheed Martin gave generous donations to help us with this part of the park project!

See all the signs by clicking the tab to the left.  

Wolf Aviation Fund, The Daniel Mickel Foundation, Greenville Federal Credit Union, John I. Smith Charities, The Graham Foundation, The City of Greenville, Greenville County, Greenville Jet Center, Greenville Airport Commission, McKinney Dodge, Hollingsworth Funds,  Region's Bank, Arizona's Children's Charities, Inc., H. M. Pearl Kyle Foundation and many other people and organizations have donated to the park project.  We sincerely appreciate all the support we have received.

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