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Welcome to Runway Park at GMU

The inspiration for Runway Park at GMU came from the Greenville Airport Commission’s desire to share a window into the world of local aviation...a fun place where people can come to see aviation in action and learn about all that aviation does for our local community.

The Greenville Downtown Airport, whose airport identifier is GMU, is the busiest general aviation airport in South Carolina. It is financially self-sufficient and does not rely on local taxpayers for funding. Many people travel for business or pleasure, and often, their only view of Greenville is the airport.  Some of these people fly in to see if they might like to do business in Greenville. These visitors have the ability to bring jobs and boost our local economy. We strive to make a good first impression!

From the park you may see:
Greenville County Sheriff’s aircraft taking off to conduct law enforcement activities;  Media helicopters flying out to bring you the news;  Medical flights coming and going to help save lives;  Utility companies using aviation to monitor power lines; and people learning to fly at one of our on-field flight schools.

These are just a few examples of the importance of general aviation. There are many others, including worldwide disaster relief efforts and firefighting.

Please see Park Bulletin Case near the “Picnic Hangar” for park rules, upcoming events, and “Picnic Hangar” reservation information.

Did You Know?
The“Perimeter Taxiway” around the park is 787 feet long. Walk 7 loops around and you’ve walked over a mile!

What is FOD?
FOD is Foreign Object Debris…small or loose items that can cause damage to aircraft.  These items can crack wind screens (aircraft windshields) or get sucked into engine air intakes causing damage to the engines.  Tires and airframes can also be damaged. FOD is a threat to aviation safety.  If you see any FOD, please pick it up!

Did You Know?
Flying is a very safe way to travel; if you compare the number of fatalities per mile traveled, flying is safer than traveling by motorcycle, car, truck, or train. To keep flying safe, aviators and aircraft are held to very high standards. Private and commercial pilots are required to have a medical certificate issued by a physician to show they are fit to fly. Most general aviation aircraft are required to have an annual inspection.

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